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Né en 1985, à Hull, au Québec, fils improbable d’une vraie mère poule et d’un faux père collectionneur, François Huard est aujourd’hui un artiste québécois de bande dessinée.

           En ayant grandi avec les magazines Pilote et Métal-Hurlant que collectionnait son père, très tôt, l’artiste s’est découvert une véritable passion pour la bande dessinée européenne, plus particulièrement pour la bande dessinée fantastique et la science-fiction française. Ce genre littéraire guide beaucoup sa démarche artistique et «une recherche personnelle d’une esthétique fantastique qui a malheureusement disparue de la bande dessinée contemporaine…» – Frank Loon, 2012

       François a suivi une formation en infographie qui l’a poussé à poursuivre des études en arts à l’université. Auteur et illustrateur chevronné, artiste fonceur et productif, il crée plusieurs nouvelles illustrées chaque année dont certaines apparaissent mensuellement sur la toile!

   Il entretient aussi un univers graphique onirique et fantastique parfois connexe avec l’univers de Jean Giraud alias Mœbius.

François est accompagné en tout temps d’un alter-ego indissociable, une double-personnalité du nom de Frank Loon.


On peut connaitre le travail de François sous divers pseudonymes: FPH, Effel, Jordan Peters et Pierre Jourdain – … et certains sous l’anonymat le plus complet!

François Huard est un auteur/dessinateur de bandes dessinées indépendant résidant à Gatineau au Québec.

COURRIEL/E-MAIL : floonbox@gmail.com



Born in 1985, in Hull, Québec, the improbable son of a mother hen and a false father collector, today François Huard is a Québécois comic book artist.

Being raised at a young age among the French comic book magazines like Pilote and Métal-Hurlant that his father collected, pretty soon, the artist discovered himself a newfound passion for the European comics, particularly for the French fantasy and science-fiction comics. This genre is largely guiding his own artistic drive and ‘’ a personal quest for a fantastic aesthetic which is virtually disappearing from the contemporary comic books… ‘’ – Frank Loon, 2012

François had a formation in graphical design eventually leading him to pursue his academic dream in art school at the university. A young author and a devoted illustrator, the productive artist creates many illustrated shorts every year. Some of his work often appear on the net on a monthly basis!

He also shares a graphical world close to the fantastical oneiric universe of Jean Giraud aka Mœbius.

François is accompanied at all times by an alter-ego personality, a recurring character responding to the name of Frank Loon.


You may also know some of Frank’s work under a different pseudonym: FPH, Effel, Jordan Peters and Pierre Jourdain – … and many others under complete anonymity!

François Huard is an independent comic book author and illustrator living in Gatineau, Québec

E-MAIL : floonbox@gmail.com



All Play-On-line Games 2017.11.20 -

Portraits de Frank Loon circa 2088 réalisé par l’illustrateur-reporter Jordan Peters.

Frank Loon possède tout les droits d’auteurs et les © copyright sur toutes les publications entièrement originales sur ce blog. Vous êtes avertis!


13 réflexions sur “BIO //// CONTACT

  1. Thanks for following!
    I can’t read the majority of your blog posts, but your work, sir, speaks for itself!
    Please keep making it so I can keep looking at it!

    • Thanks to you as well! As for my blog, you’ll notice some bits and pieces of english here and there from time to time! I’m Glad the art vibe can cross the barrier of language! Cheers to you and creativity to all!

  2. Le , Dr. Fuzz a dit:

    Bonjour cher concitoyen (moi aussi j’habite à Gatineau)! J’ai oublié de te faire savoir que je t’ai nominé pour le Leibster Award le 9 juin: http://louisandmelcomics.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/the-longest-post/
    Passe une bonne journée!

  3. Le , zartos a dit:

    Hi Frank Loon,

    Please, excuse me for not writing in French.
    Thanks for following my portfolio. It is an honor!

    Your work is magnificent!

    • Hi Mr. Zartos!

      I’d like to thank you for your good words, it’s always appreciated especially coming from someone as talented as yourself! And frankly, your work, sir, is truly mesmerizing! The honor is all mine!

      Also, I’d like to thank you simply for writing to me. Honestly, I really don’t mind if it’s in English or French or even Venusian for that matter (I speak Venusian quite well!)…. What really matters to me is that, as artists, we can connect and share our visions and our dreams to the world.

      This is a tiny message and maybe it doesn’t carry as much weight compared to a real face to face exchange in real life nonetheless… I’m always touched when someone decides to take a little time to write me a little something. For me, that is the reward in itself! So I thank you Mr. Zartos! I thank you and all of you guys out there!

      Sharing my dreams is my pleasure!

      The man known to the artistic community as Frank Loon

      • Le , zartos a dit:

        Hi Frank,

        Nice words, cool thoughts and great proposals. I absolutely agree!

        You used two words with an enormous meaning to me: sharing and connectivity.

        I am deeply convinced that they have the key to change the entire mankind.

        So, let’s keep working to make it happen!

        Many thanks for your generosity and kindness.

        Au revoir et tout le meilleur pour vous,

  4. I must agree with the others, love your work, can’t understand a word. That’s the beauty of art though, art doesn’t need words, let it speak for itself.

    • You know, I often try to let the readers make their own mind on what’s going on in my pieces. Maybe the french helps mesmerizing my english friends? Or is it the other way around? Doesn’t matter.

      In a sense, I [try to] trust the intelligence of my kin. It’s a vocation. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. I’m a wannabe positive drawing philanthropist, I guess? Something like that.

      I won’t try to explain myself here or try to convince the audience of my intentions. I think you really said everything that needed to be said.

      Let the people decide what IS… and may the chips fall where they may…

      Sincerely yours,

      Your newfound friend from Québec,

      Frank  » Cranberry Bolt  » Loon

      Ps.: Loved your comment!!!

  5. Votre blog et vos dessins sont incroyables. Bonne continuation! And thanks for following my sketchblog.

  6. Merci for following me 🙂 Wow, your work is quite something! Stunning!

    • The pleasure is all mine, really! And thank you for your good words. I always try to create vibrant pieces for the audiences and if they can move people in some way then my job is definitely worth it. Au plaisir! 😀

  7. Le , Francis a dit:

    Hey Frank,
    es-tu encore actif dans les dessins ? la vie?

    -Un Frank qui se demande bien ce qui se passe avec l’Autre Frank

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