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FUTUR OPÉRA – 2188 – Star Borne, Space Bound…




HOLODEX   –  Vol. CXXII   Item No. 124

STAR BORNE, Space, creation, origins

Scientists and physicians discovered the universe was a  » She  » during the Renaissance V missions in 2210. While circling the ancient dust clouds of Vantouz the dwarf, The scientists discovered the remains of the Goddess of the Void. 

– The sarcophagus they discovered contained the well preserved momified corpse of what appeared to be a humanoid woman. The humanoid comparison made by the search team at the moment of the discovery proved irrelevant since the autopsy revealed there was absolutely nothing inside the body… Apparent emptyness… Although, original, unscathed traces of RNA and DNA samples were found inside the cadaver. Deep analysis of the microscopic tissues revealed they were the most ancient traces of life ever recorded by Terran Science.

This new understanding came and eventually shook the very foundation of Science with a big S

You can also browse the Holodex on the following topics:

  • Sensual creativity in space: an atomic journey to the Void with Aldous Lamont, Lead geologist on Renaissance IV.
  • Dangers of the Void: an exposé on the tri-turbulent fuels and our growing addiction to new fuels by Antonin Jourdain, Phd.
  • The New Science – Science with a big S.                                                   The new frontiers of scientific discovery. Ruminations and lamentations by Dr. Hagbard Celine, Multi Phd. F.U.C.K.U.P. computer whiz, genius and scientist extraordinaire!


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3 réflexions sur “FUTUR OPÉRA – 2188 – Star Borne, Space Bound…

  1. I love reading your posts man.

    …the only thing i would change is the font colour to black, because this grey puts the text slightly in the bg, and it has to be read!

    • Well, the pleasure is all mine, sir. It really is!

      And Hell, you know I’d love to change my font colour to black but I don’t seem to be able to do it. I guess I’m not looking in the right places for this modification to occur. I thought you could show me how to do it if it’s possible?

      In any case, the Holodex will persist to exist and a comic strip is currently being orchestrated to follow these zany excerpts from space.

      In the hopes you’ll be around to enjoy it,

      Frank  » Strange Times  » Loon

  2. A sig with a backstory, now I’ve never. I wonder what space science they used to determine the age of that corpse as carbon dating is useless outside our own planet.


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